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Fri, 1st Feb. 2013, 23:33
Burnt Tongue of the Wilders

Well, apparently, this weekend did not turn out as painful as I originally thought it would be, but that depends if you believe it is always the little things that matter really. So, what did I do all day on my own other than loaf most of the day? Well, I decided to take a bit of a walk early in the evening to explore whatever little space that close Matajer mini-mall had in its disposal. I sort of had a lunch-dinner there too, its McDonald’s outlet served me a nice Grand Chicken Special meal as requested. Nothing much else to do after that than go back home, but it is nice to know I can easily walk ten minutes to a mall-like place without having to worry about not finding something worthwhile there, but in the end it all depends anyway. So, nothing to do but loaf some more this evening, huh?

Wed, 9th Jan. 2013, 23:18
The Magic of Ones Like Us Displays

As long as the hype died down a bit, methinks it is okay to talk. As I had mentioned yesterday, what did I think of the last Pokémon Direct Nintendo had presented? Well, first thing, it was sure a surprising announcement to begin with, as the coming of a sixth Pokémon generation was really unexpected in such a very short time since the fifth generation was introduced only back in 2010! Truly brilliant. Secondly, bravo for Nintendo to pull all their resources and finally decide to work on actually releasing Pokémon all around the world in the very same month as Japan. Definitely a welcoming first, for the games always seem to get exploited after their initial Japanese release in the months between the time until the other key regions could ever officially get them! Talk about being spoiler-ific. Thirdly, these new titles being Pokémon X Version and Pokémon Y Version… I’m not really sure what to think about Nintendo breaking the tradition of “colour-coding” their game titles. However, for some reason, these titles actually make me think about biology class. I think it is because they are called X and Y, letters which are often synonymous with being the shape of gender chromosomes. Could the titles have anything to do with gender? Who knows, although the exposed Legendaries (which we actually learned today that they are called Xerneas and Yveltal) are more obviously related to these letters in a way of their physical forms, but I still think there is more to it. A lot of places and people seem to agree this is an all-new generation of Pokémon games, although the fifth barely even had time shine with more games! I am thinking either this is more of a generation 5.5, or Nintendo decided fifth and sixth generation games can still exist concurrently, but we’ll see anyway as the year rolls by. Here’s my two bits for Pokémon.

What about my day today? I would say this day was quite laid back for me in some ways. Since I was already aware my old man went to Abu Dhabi today, I had a chance to go to the City Centre mall once again, and browse stuff, although didn’t find anything worth investing in a hurry. Anyways, ‘twas a Mushroom ‘N Swiss combo for me from Hardee’s for lunch. Went back for second half of my shift, and the day ended faster than I anticipated. A bit of wait was required from me, but I felt really exhausted for some reason by the time the driver took me home, so I think I might take good hours’ rest this time around. I highly doubt my father is coming back home early tonight either.

Tue, 8th Jan. 2013, 23:50
To Be the Very Best Is Not Necessarily Compatible With Everyone's Plans

Some days feel like it would be good when it starts out great, but later it simply slaps you in the face several times in great succession! Sheesh!

How was the day? Well, I finally got my leg room back, and I feel a little relaxed about the bank thing from yesterday because apparently they are having some technical difficulties and are working on it. Fortunately, I may have found an alternative to checking my balance until then. The rest of the day went on as casually as I would have expected, even with getting lunch from Lifco. However, I got really annoyed by the end of the day, because I got stuck in the office after the end of my shift, and this time for almost five and a half hours! And not for the same reason as yesterday at all! Oh no, I got stuck because the old man had too much pride in himself and wanted the extra time to resolve serious issues that he could have avoided. (I shall not talk about these issues because they are none of my business, and it’s not feasible to post publicly either.)

Oh sure, by the time we got home, he made up for it by getting us falafel sandwiches. Waaay to suck it up to me, huh? Fine, but only because you got these sandwiches from the best place. Humph!

Maybe better late than never is good, right? I wouldn’t have minded the delay all that much if I weren’t anticipating the fact that Nintendo announced there is a Pokémon-related Nintendo Direct scheduled for today. Oh well, at least I managed to see the new Pokémon Direct without all the “spoiling fuss” that is happening all over this internet today, apparently. I’ll speak about my personal opinions of it tomorrow once the heat is cools down.

Mon, 7th Jan. 2013, 23:53
Pat Pat Boom!

Pfft! Does minor contentment make up for major disappointments? I believe it could, for sometimes the little things can embed great relief to the mind, strangely enough.

In any case, how was my day? Relatively good. My work shift went about as casually, and had an awesome lunch from Lifco. The only complaint I got is the fact I got stuck in the office for about three hours after my shift ended simply because the old man failed to call me to confirm he would not arrive on time. Blah! The other disappointment is the fact my bank recently locked out my internet access to my account simply because the password expired, and oddly I could not change it! Methinks their website has some bugs, and I need to call them in order to fix this issue soon enough. Rest assured, I did not lose anything significant, but it’s a real headache for me if I don’t gain access back soon because I really need to check my current balance!

What about the rest of the evening? I dunno… it’s sorta slow for me this night, but the long term would tell where I would go from here. I sure hope things do get better for me in bigger, faster ways. I’ve noticed I had been speaking nothing but grief as of late. That really sucks!


!!Merry Christmas Today!!
~~ For All Eastern Denominations ~~

Sun, 6th Jan. 2013, 23:45
Dragging Drag of Drags

Another slow day, but apparently I lost my leg room again! Blah! Am not feeling well lately either, as things seem to drag on whilst I’m experiencing migraines and sniffles. Boo! Got awesome lunch from Lifco today, so that was a plus, but I still don’t feel like doing much tonight either, as this exhaustion is really getting to me! Argh! In other news, today I registered the Nintendo 64 game 1080° Snowboarding before the offer disappeared off Club Nintendo. It is awesome that my neo-Nintendo 64 is gradually increasing with titles I never got during their prime. I am hoping I will have more this year, somehow.

Sat, 5th Jan. 2013, 23:11
Snoring Until Judgement Day

’Twas a slow day for me, but methinks I finally got back some leg room for the time being. Still might face a few oddities here and there though. I didn’t even get to go out as Father went by himself to get lunch for us. Why am I so very exhausted in the past few days anyway? Always being the sleepyhead at the most awkward of times too.

Fri, 4th Jan. 2013, 23:31
Occurrance of Twits

’Twas just another plain ol’, inactive weekend for me without doing anything productive, even though I was hoping to. Probably due to always trying to handle my PC’s oddities that often reoccur. I did go out today, but only to get lunch with the old man from Lu Lu Hypermarket. This was my day.

Thu, 3rd Jan. 2013, 23:19
Turning Back to the Basics

Okay, the day was not perfect, but it was pretty good though. Too bad I had to miss a high school meet of sorts yesterday, as I finally had recalled. So, what can I say about today? The usual rustle and tussle of the final weekday, but I managed fine. Got lunch from Lifco today, and a good thing too ’cause I got something my mother occasionally made for us which I really love. After I left my shift, that was all to it. It’s now a good time to have a random night session of… whatever!

Wed, 2nd Jan. 2013, 23:22
The Dreampath is False

First day in the year on the job is not different from any other day on this job, although I would say this day has been slightly different from a negative end due to my case of a bad decision. I won’t explain what that means exactly, but straight-forward my day was budding in the usual way of going to work, getting lunch from Lu Lu Hypermarket in form of another custom pizza, and ending my second half of my shift before going home and straight into bed for a few hours due to extreme exhaustion and an unbelievable migraine! Yep, this day was a terrible one!

Tue, 1st Jan. 2013, 23:53
The Things We Strive For

Happy New Year to you all. Time to start things anew, and hopefully it also means attempting to stop neglecting certain things that really matter, like your personal updates posted on a blog or a journal and whatnot. I have not made any New Year’s resolutions this time around, but I suppose I still need to accomplish some long term goals. Various ideas and stuff. Not sure what to say about it all. In any case, here’s hoping 2013 for me personally goes on to be the year for me in many ways! I will explain certain things as we go along.

Well, we’re off to a good start for my day. After last night’s early semi-retirement from the dull partying, I come back home simply to spend a few hours shooting heads off in the classical Half-Life game. I spent all the morning, and the aching may got confused and went to my legs instead of my head! Weird. In any case, when I finally was done for the time being with the game, I finally felt I needed the long rest, and it took a chunk off the afternoon of my off-day in blissful sleep. Too bad, as I could done something more useful during the slowest part of the day. Anyway, I wake up and it was already dark, and I guess that made it the end of my day, although now I will have trouble falling asleep again. Oh dear…

Wed, 18th Jan. 2012, 23:43

So, how was my day? Not much to mention really. I simply went to work in the morn, and continued with new small stuff and corrections on older stuff which I get usually on my desk. Having problems keep that part neat though. Blah!

Lunch time was a little odd today, as Father was too busy to go anywhere. Really busy indeed! I didn’t even know how much until much later! What was really odd was how much I actually invested in lunch, even though it seems nobody would be joining me for a small feast of sorts. I even got lunch from the Lu Lu Hypermarket, and no place special! Blah!

Anyhoo, what can I say now about the remainder of the day? Finished my job quickly and early, and then got to go home as soon as possibly can be, just to loaf on my own for the rest of the night, because it seems my father isn’t coming home soon. I wanted to do a lot tonight, but I was rather distracted with unexpected stuff. Blah!

Why is the entry above censored?

Let’s band together to take down SOPA!

Wed, 7th Dec. 2011, 23:54
Enchanced Biodegradablity

BLAH! And I really mean that! It’s official! I am ill again, only two months since the last time! Ergh! I am a seriously dumbfounded picture of deteriorating health.

What’s even worse is the fact that I couldn’t wake up early enough this morning either. Ugh… this sucks really, but they didn’t question me, as it was obvious I am all nose-runny and stuff. Working today was terrible, and mind-blowing exhausting as well. My head hurt like it was beaten to a pulp! I am really slipping down again. Nothing special about lunch hour, as my father went, but he came back before we got to get edibles from Lu Lu Hypermarket.

What else is there to state? My loafing hours after work isn’t even boringly enjoyable as one feels too poor to perform anything. I wonder if that made any sense though. Ah! Who cares!? You think I can write properly with me being all sickly and stuff?

Tue, 6th Dec. 2011, 23:03
Little Bits Can Break Big Minds

I dunno if I should mention this, but methinks I’m going downhill again!

I was simply so exhausted for some reason that I didn’t wake early enough at all! That was an embarrassing point, but at least I didn’t get fouled for it. Regardless, I continued working on older stuff I thought I was done for. I really hate going back doing the same stuff over again just because these clients take forever to change their minds, or get their measurements more accurately. Anyhow, nothing special during the lunch hour, as Father and I went to get stuff from Lu Lu Hypermarket, and one bit was chicken soup that turned out super-spicy! HAWT! HAWT! Methinks I’m gonna be sick… ugh…

End of the day was mindless loaf, as usual.

Mon, 5th Dec. 2011, 23:44
The Guts Told Me So?

Not much to say about today. Went to the office normally, and did the usual, dull things as they poured in, I suppose. The day ended pretty much without any good or bad events. Father and I went to get lunch from the bakery this time during lunch hour today, simply because the man was in a hurry to get to Dubai directly afterwards.

So, I guess I get home and simply loaf around, right? Well, sort of… have I mentioned that I purchased Terraria via Steam three days ago? It was on sale at the time. I think I also failed to mention that I finally got the guts to get the premium edition of Team Fortress 2 last night. I dunno what I haven’t done that before though. I probably had fears of online purchasing that did not really exist. I may have been deceived or something. I don’t really recall why I wouldn’t purchase stuff before. Oh well… seems now I can slowly, but surely, venture a bit more into this new market called the “internet.” Hoo!

Anyways, about Terraria, I tried it out tonight finally, and now I see why it is so ridiculously addictive! It makes me wanna work more with it! Hoo! Too bad it is not supported on Mac OS yet. Oh well, no big deal, considering it’s not a huge game anyway. I find it weird it’s not supported there, as it looks like the kind of game that could be worth playing on some iOS device.

By the way, if you want to add me on Steam, simply invite me via my profile. I will add a permanent link later on my User Info page. All video game info there REALLY needs an update!

Sun, 4th Dec. 2011, 23:47
It's a Washing Machine

Not much to report on today, really… but the day did begin surprisingly badly though! Blah!

I got up a little later than expected, but supposedly just early enough though… regardless, I missed my driver this morning, and had to wait for Dad to get ready before I finally got to the office. (Fortunately, the head wasn’t available early either, which gave me a good slip of a bitter cold of sorts, but other little disgusting things happened anyway! Cor!)

Anyway, my day went as usual, like nothing has changed since the off days. I had a lot of work to do as well. Oh wow, pressure how I missed thee. Went to get lunch from Lu Lu Hypermarket with Dad during lunch hour. Nothing special there either.

So, yeah, even going home was totally dull! Not much else to say except loafing in the evening. I hate it when TV doesn’t display much to my interests after certain awkward situations. I sure hope Dad had learned a few things himself too.


I’d like commemorate klobber on his twenty-sixth birthday today!

Sat, 3rd Dec. 2011, 23:25
Superb Soothing Sensations From Surprising Sources

It’s Saturday, but it was an off day too since yesterday was National Day. So, yeah…

How was my day? Generally, it could be considered meh, but some little things could account a lot for me. What do I mean? I’ll say in a while. First off, let’s see how the day started.

Well, that’s the majority of the “meh” part, methinks. I guess staying up all night playing some more Team Fortress 2 makes me wanna sleep the morning away, but fortunately, I did manage to wake up early enough to actually meet up with a not-so-lazy period of my father’s, who was finally getting to take me and get the comics I’ve been missing the entire last month! Hoo!

So, yeah. We dress up and leave for the usual bookshop in Dubai, and I finally find three comics I had to have last month. I was hoping for one more, and another one from the past, but didn’t get those unfortunately. I really hope there would a better solution for me eventually in the future to get my comics and stuff. Anyway, what did I get today? Lesse… Life with Archie issue #14, Sonic Universe issue #33, and Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog issue #230.

Cut here if you’re not interested in comic reviews, but I sure encourage clicking this though.Collapse )

So, after I got the comics, we went and bought some edibles in form of a late lunch for us, with shawarma sandwiches, and mixed manakish. We pretty much returned home with nothing else significant in mind to do. So, yeah…

However, I could state that I managed to watch today’s new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which was called “Sweet and Elite”, and I TOTALLY LOVED IT!! So unlike last week’s episode, which was the weakest episode thus far, but this week took it to that same level as it always had before! Of course, there were other opinions, as I understood it, but it wasn’t a majority vote though. Besides, who cares what those people think? I loved it personally, and that was it! Hoo! Yeah, the inclusion of Rarity’s new song is probably the best one yet! Most definitely! I’ve been listening to it like crazy that it made me do a small tribute of sorts below.

A tribute for Rarity – quickie digital painting

Well, what can I say after that?

Anyway, the day comes to the end in some loaf, as I prep for the morrow. I’m returning back to that dull office… sigh…

Fri, 2nd Dec. 2011, 23:47
Four Decades, and Still Going Strong!

Official 40th anniversary UAE National Day banner

Today was a nation’s special day. On this day, in 1971, a great man called Sheikh Zayed felt he and his six neighbours could do better after the British occupation withdrew its military forces from their lands, so he united all the seven former Trucial States, and formed a new federation called the United Arab Emirates, which till this day has emerged as one of the most progressive countries in the world!

This year marks the federation’s 40th anniversary of its union. Read more about it on the official website of the U.A.E. National Day.

How about my own personal day though? Well, since I couldn’t do much due to drowsiness (staying up all night playing Team Fortress 2), and my father was still as lazy, so pretty much this weekend for us was a huge mess of a loaf! Blah! Didn’t have lunch either!

Thu, 1st Dec. 2011, 23:43
Defining Sloth Paths

Hum… hard to describe my day today, actually. The office was open today, but I didn’t go there at all. Why? Because officially I didn’t actually have to go to the office today, as the business was only semi-open as a commemoration to the Hijri New Year off that was missed, in order to stick it with the weekend, and the actual official off that follows on Saturday. We’ll talk more about this extended three-day vacation later.

As for my day? It was loaf, and that was it. Father was just too lazy to take me anywhere, unless he gets a call to where only he could have all the fun! Lame indeed! Oh well… back to bed, I presume… or maybe I could do some stuff online? I dunno.

Wait… it’s the beginning of a new month now, isn’t it? This year sure has drawn to a close so soon, but even in the last thirty days there can be so much activities to do of sorts. We’ll see…

Wed, 30th Nov. 2011, 23:08
D'aw, My Heart Aches

Not a bad day, but still pretty lame. I go to the office this morning filling pretty unfulfilled for some reason. As I was working on what I was just given, my father then passes by and states he’s going to Abu Dhabi on business. That meant I wasn’t gonna see him all day from then onwards. My day continued slowly as is. It’s a good thing that work tomorrow is completely optional. I will explain that later. I simply went to City Centre mall for lunch today, and made a little bit of browsing without purchase. Had a McArabia Chicken meal at McDonald’s today. Hum…

My driver was a tad late arriving to pick me up by shift’s end, but no biggie. Evening’s a bust then, since I wanted to be somewhere today, but Dad wasn’t around. What to do tonight except load?

Tue, 29th Nov. 2011, 23:41
What Must Not Occur in Mainstream

So, what can I say about today? It wasn’t as tense as yesterday, but it wasn’t peachy either. I got to the office this morning, and simply started working on something new… and not much else after that. During lunch hour, my father was sorta with some people, and didn’t have time to get lunch for us. So, I didn’t get lunch at all today, and this is the second time this week! Blah!

In fact, by the evening, we were supposed to be somewhere, but as usual, the man was too lazy and stuff to matter about what I need. Once more, no gaming for me either. Pft!

Mon, 28th Nov. 2011, 23:36
Mainly Dis-Peachy

Methinks I’m having a bad day of sorts. I missed the driver again this morning, although I did manage to arrive at the office earlier than expected, but not really quite as satisfying anyway. In any case, it went by pretty tense, as I was trying to finish off one particular CAD drawing today that turned out trickier than I anticipated. It made go into a bit of overtime during the end of the day; the extra time wasn’t even registered officially! Blah!

During lunch hour, Father was out, and I went to the Lu Lu Hypermarket on foot to get my lunch, but as I was about to check out my father calls me, and tells me he’s arriving at the office, which meant I had to go back and his lunch too! Argh!

Like I said, the day was pretty tense, and even after I left when I was finally done, it didn’t really do me any favours this loafy evening either. I didn’t even get to place more hours into The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Sun, 27th Nov. 2011, 23:06
The Cold Valley

Meh… this day felt terrible! Went to the office in the morning, and for the remainder of the day, I felt my job was going to grasp in on me forever or something, into a mark-up of nothing but numbers, which was really getting me all exhausted. Or is it from something else? I dunno, it still is so darn ridiculous. In fact, I didn’t get to go anywhere or eat during the lunch hour today because my father apparently was too busy to move today.

Even by the end of the day, it still felt pretty annoying for some reason. Why am I so placed in awkward situations against my whim all the time? Blah!

Evening loaf couldn’t be any more regular either.

Sat, 26th Nov. 2011, 23:21
Tinker, No Linger

Feh… felt like a disappointing day today, even though there was nothing eventful to actually be disappointed about, but regardless, it went on like that.

Anyway, I went to the office this morn not feeling a bit refresh, and working on both shifts in same pathetic mood I am in. It really wreaks when you eventually come to stuff that you thought had long been put to rest or something. How the heck can the long past find us again?

During lunch hour, I went to City Centre mall today on foot, since Dad was apparently away on business in Dubai today. Oh, he’s feeling loads better now. Blah! Anyway, didn’t do much there. Just a bit of browsing here and there, before ending up buying lunch from KFC in a form of the new Zinger Shrimpo sandwich combo.

I long hoped for the end of the day to come since today was Saturday, which meant a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. However, as fun as it was, today’s episode was a major disappointment… relatively speaking, that is. I think many others felt the same as well. Some people had certain expectations based on pre-posted episode summaries on their own. Oh well… bound to have episodes like this sooner or later.

What can I say for the rest of the evening though? Loafing? I wanted to play more of Link’s new adventure tonight, but didn’t get the chance this time. Oh well…

Fri, 25th Nov. 2011, 23:16
Sanity Via the Ballad

What can I say? ‘Twas another wasted weekend for me. I keep wondering if it will always be this way though. Blah! I didn’t even get lunch.

Thu, 24th Nov. 2011, 23:43
Hums and Hos, We Goes!

Looks like in the last day of the week I finally managed to break this weird morning curse… or so I believe for the time being. Anyway, I got up in the morn in time to meet my driver and get to the office early. At the office, I go in circles multi-tasking with many aspects of our department’s work, as it is continues to grow that complicated, especially before the weekend. I no longer feel like I have to seat for hours on one CAD drawing at a time. Blah! Still is a drain to me regardless.

Since Dad’s still ill, he wouldn’t come today either. So, when lunch hour occurred, I went to get my edibles from Lu Lu Hypermarket on foot – it’s been a while like that, methinks. The second shift period continued as in the morning, and finally time passed well enough to end the shift, and have me go home for the weekend. I’m planning on really engrossing myself into The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for a long time! Hoo! Evening was a general loaf outside of the gaming experience for me.

Wed, 23rd Nov. 2011, 23:05
Off to a Brand New Adventure! Hopefully...

Oh boy… this day was not starting so well for me, but strangely it actually got better as the hours tolled. Hoo!

Once again, and for the fourth day in a row, I miss my alarm and wake up at the moment my driver already left! Argh! My father, who has been quite ill since yesterday, couldn’t go anywhere this time, so I had to take a… brr… taxi service to work today. At least, I wasn’t as late today as I was in the previous days? Blah! It still stinks regardless…

It doesn’t really stop there either. Still getting that serious cold reception from the people around who’re getting prone to the idea that I am a ridiculous sort of person. What the heck is wrong with me lately? This is getting pretty much out of hand.

Cover for U.S. version of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Limited Edition BundleSince father couldn’t make it to the office today, I took it into my own stead to walk to the City Centre mall again during lunch hour, for I have a feeling this time, unlike yesterday, which was more of a “requirement” in my mind. I mean shops should get rid of their old stocks one way or another, right? I am helping the process along as the store becomes aware they need to re-orient everything they got. Hoo! Talk about single events that got everyone busy revising stock.

Anyway, I wanted to take a quick look inside my usual Geekay Games game store, and… oh my… lo and behold! The game store FINALLY got their copies of the U.S. version of the game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! They even have the limited bundle edition, which is the one I wanted! Yes, finally, a quick purchase later (after spending a bit of mint, which was a bit more than I expected – blah, opportunist jerks) the box became mine… all mine! After that, I went to Hardee’s to simply get lunch in a Super Star combo, and I went directly back to the office.

Oddly, the day went by in a much warmer feel of sorts. How strange things seem to be picking up from that point. In fact, people mellowed out and I was circulating with my usual job in a fashion of sincerity. Not completely, but it felt quite that way to me though. So, the second shift period went pretty smooth, and I got to get home as soon as possible by shift’s end.

I couldn’t do much at home, and bathe in the glory of my new game! I swear this was a really worthy investment, especially with the music CD and new golden controller that came with it! I cannot wait to play this game some in the coming days. Gosh… tomorrow’s the last day of the week, which means plenty of free time for me indeed!

The evening is generally loaf, as usual.

Sat, 2nd Jul. 2011, 23:51
Fallen Modernity

Gosh. Exhausting day, and it’s not really beneficial for me. Feels so wasting… Ugh!

Gone to office this morn with driver, and began the week where I left it off on Wednesday. Already am feeling exhausted in a few hours. Lack of sleep is killin’ me! Lunch hour, had to wait for Father to finish some personal discussion, and a bit post the hour we go to the bakery, and back again. Blah! Continued the process I was given, and much is still work-in-progress. So glad, or not, to be finally at home again for a loaf. I am feeling ridiculous now.

Fri, 1st Jul. 2011, 23:01
Pull Dat Rachet!

Ugh! I hated yesterday’s turn of events! Today wasn’t doing me any favours either…

I cannot understand what would like to keep my old man indoors for so very long! This weekend really stinks, especially on levels on the fact I had an off yesterday, and I didn’t get the chance to do what I wished to do! Blah! Blah indeed!

Thu, 2nd Jun. 2011, 23:41
Mentality Never Changes That Soon

Well, well. Apparently, the unexpected this morn had happened. Looks like my driver finally decided to show up after all, albeit a tad late, but yes I did get to go to the office with someone this morn. In any case, it seems the problem was due to the fact that there were some internal conflicts of sorts, but I cannot say more for it is kinda embarrassing, and someone is taking it to a personal level, which is very unprofessional.

How was my day though? Well, it had been the same as always, I suppose. I killed time in the morn doing my own thing, then during lunch hour I mere up and went to City Centre mall today – dunno why, don’t ask me. Anyways, decided to go for Pizza Hut for lunch this time, and I ordered myself a P’Zone combo, and pretty much that. Don’t wanna overdo it again. Anyway, I pretty much left after a bit of browsing. Not much in mind to purchase anyway. Oh well! For the remainder of the day, it had been killed of course before my shift was up, and I got to go home, merely just to loaf the night over.

I was actually planning to go out, but I decided to skip this night in favour of an earlier start in my weekend tomorrow, and so, yeah. Pretty much that is how it ended. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow then. Good night.

Wed, 1st Jun. 2011, 23:51
Accounts for Impending Downers

WHAT!? First day of the month, and yet THIRD day into this bogus attempt of mine!? I don’t believe this! What am I referring to exactly? Well, it is the fact that nobody called me this morn to come downstairs and go to the office, and I never bothered going on my own either! Yep, pretty much spent the entire day at home once more! If this happens again tomorrow, I'll swear I will go by myself then and place someone’s head on a stick! Blah! What's wrong with those people!? Grr!!

Sun, 1st May. 2011, 23:24
What'cha Thunk?

It was another typical day, methinks. What can I say then? Going to the office in the morning? Settling in my usual place? Going to the bakery post-lunch hour, and my father then bounded for Dubai? Or heading home on my own for loafing the remainder of the evening?

Wed, 6th Apr. 2011, 23:14
Too Lazy To Title this Entry

Boring… day! Couldn’t even see straight! Or was it because of my contacts? Anyway…

Quickly telling it: Gone to the office. Seated and killed some time. Lunch hour come and gone without Father noticing it. Went to bakery post lunch hour getting edibles. Father drops me off and bounds for Dubai without me. I kill more shift time. Leave for home. Alone at home for a while. Father returns. Evening continues uneventful due to the old man’s “paradisia.”

How much dull can my days get!?

Tue, 5th Apr. 2011, 23:45
Du-Blah, At-Chwa!

I cannot really state much, except what happened during the day today. We went to the office, of course, and Dad dropped me off. He was in a hurry to go someplace else apparently. Not sure where, but not far-off. I spent the remainder of the morning shift killing time in the usual sense before lunch hour. When my father failed to answer my calls, I decided to go back to City Centre mall on foot. That’s the third time this week, and I dunno why I keep going if I do not plan to purchase anything, especially since they closed the bookshop. In any case, I merely hanging checking out some commodities when I finally get a call from the old man saying he was coming, and I told him I was already where I was, so he went my way. Didn’t take him long to arrive though, and as soon as he did we had lunch at McDonald’s with the usual McArabia Chicken meal. I know what I said in the past couple of days about my diet, but I cannot really begin thinking about improving my diet until I formulate some kind of plan and budget for it. It’s not easy to change eating habits, y’know? And it is impossible to be done overnight either!

We did browse a bit, considering we’re trying to find if there are any suitable copies of the Windows 7 Home Premium platform. It’s getting quite bothersome trying to migrate everything without the platform. In any case, we didn’t find anything right now, and I hoped we’d do something about it tonight.

We returned to the office, I killed the remainder shift time, and went home on my own. I hanged out on my own before the old man came back, but by the time he did he was not in the mood to go out any longer! Gosh… what’s eating him lately? I got to do something right now on my own, ‘cause he’s killing me if we do not make that Dubai-trip any time soon! Yeah, the rest of the evening was basically eventless, unless you count us watching the current news from Lebanon about the prison riots that had been happening in the last three days! Blah! People are crazy, and the friends and families of the prisoners stoning at the SWAT teams outside the building is not helping make the situation any easier. What a bunch of idiots! I know they may be totally worried about their loved ones getting hurt or something, but that does not justify stoning enforcers of the law like that! Phoo! Then again, where is the law in Lebanon anyway?

Today, I got to download this week’s WiiWare demo: A Monstecha Corral: Monsters Vs. Robots. The demo was pretty limited, but the game was sorta cute, and pretty easy to play. Very free-feeling, although the landscapes are rather small anyway. What to expect in a downloadable game for the not-so-powerful Wii? Although, there are other WiiWare games which do successfully display detailed backgrounds, and bigger levels. I wonder what’s the difference here. Could it be that some companies make a too low-budget, or certain companies are depending on the fact that you may be getting a 32 GB SDHC card or something? Sheesh… I wish Nintendo’s next console would actually have its own heavy-duty hard disk. I mean, hard disks in general are growing cheaper these days, and it wouldn’t hurt the planned pricing factor. It should be on the way though, considering the Nintendo 3DS has its own 2 GB of flash memory (which is even bigger than the Wii’s!), plus you can add extra memory by buying more… erk… SD cards.

Mon, 4th Apr. 2011, 23:24
Too Much Distaste Is Too Much

Days are getting pretty bad in many ways, and I cannot really explain it for various reasons. Simply putting it, it’s complicated.

How about today? Today was, like, sickening. Not that it was gross or anything, just making me ill. Why? Being typical on one side, and the other… well, I’ll tell you in a while. We went to the office this morn, and Dad dropped me off at the office whilst he continued on his way for other businesses to conduct in Abu Dhabi, which pretty much insured that I couldn’t get to go out much later today… again!

So, I settle in my seat, killing time until lunch hour, and I return to City Centre mall on foot today. Blah! I did not browse much, but I decided to eat at Hardee’s, where I ordered a Mushroom ‘N Swiss combo. Yeah, yeah! I know what I said yesterday about my diet growing bad, but what can I do? It doesn’t matter what I have for lunch, I will always eat more fatty and bready stuff later on the day anyway, and today you will not believe how right I was about when I tell you in a bit. The worst part is that Hardee’s now offers a salad meal too, and it is actually hefty in green and stuff! Argh!

So, after lunch, I kinda went back to the office, where I pretty much killed off the remainder of my time in the usual patterns, and not long after I got my ride home where I wasn’t planning to loaf alone, but I did anyway because my father gave me a promising call of sorts, but as I should have known it was not as promising as stated! Blah! And here’s the funny part which I mentioned earlier: By the time my father did arrive home, which was not too late, he brought with him take-away from Burger King, and he bought me a Chicken Whopper combo! I wish I did not have it, for it made me sick in the stomach. Am I a glutton? Brr…

Pff… what a sickening day this was indeed.

Sun, 3rd Apr. 2011, 23:02
I Feel Positively... Purple?

What an utterly disappointing day. Let’s get this over with. Father and I went to the office this morn, and I personally settled in my usual seating do whatever to pass the time. My father disappears somewhere, although I was sure he didn’t go too far. I annoyingly wait for him during the lunch hour before he finally came back, but he partially made up for it post the lunch hour when he took me to City Centre mall to eat there. I had something specific to eat in mind today. We did go to McDonald’s, as always, although there is a difference. Today, I decided to go for the McSalad (Chicken Ceaser Salad) meal. They do provide a sandwich, but it’s only a basic chicken-burger.

Why did I eat salad today as my main course? Well, this morning I took a bit of a long, hard look in the mirror to check if my contact lenses are doing well. (Yes, I finally began wearing those silly contacts now. I started yesterday, but failed to mention it.) I am not usually vane, but I noticed my face getting a little bit bloated, and it really bothered me. I am not a superficially fat person, and even though I do have a bit of a pot-belly, this bloating kinda signaled it. I was eating too many carbohydrates! I felt as if I had the early signs of the mumps! (No, don’t worry. I already had actual mumps when I was a kid, although I don’t really recall it. What do remember is my sister having the mumps, and I also remember that because she looked so hilarious with her face all ridiculously bloated for about a fortnight or so. It shouldn’t be funny, but I cannot help myself.) Anyway, yeah, it kinda gave me a fear of things, so I went for green today. Of course, one day’s worth of green will not really make up for all the months of terrible dieting I am having. Methinks I should think up a strategy for better food consumption. I know I bought something recently to help me prepare healthier stuff, but I haven’t gone around to it yet. It is kinda costly to try and prepare stuff on your own.

In any case, we did not have any time to browse, so after lunch we left and directly went back to the office. I definitely killed more time there and pretty much left the place once my shift time was over. Actually, the driver was a bit late today, but it did not matter as much considering my new shift time. Oh well… I was hoping the old man and I would go out tonight, but he became so lazy and aggravated that he decided to postpone the trip even further! ARGH! What’s the matter with him? He never seems to keep any positive attitudes, just because of all the political problems happening in the region overall! Whilst the entire world is pre-occupied with helping Japan, they started mostly ignoring the situations happening here, especially when it is more world-changing than it seems! Gosh… back to my own problems, I was asking for this trip for a week now! Why cannot anyone comply with me as soon as possible so that I would feel relaxed about it, huh!? So, yeah, it was pretty much another evening of loaf. Blah!

Sat, 2nd Apr. 2011, 23:24
Ah! Ponies, Ponies, Ponies!

The beginning of a new week, and yet another typical day for me. Goin’ to the office in the morning, settling in my usual seat doing whatever in mind, I suppose. Time was killed, and it was killed some more when lunch hour came. We did not go directly anywhere as I waited for my father to finish his meeting with all notable members of the Hourani family available in the showroom today. Adib was there for a bit himself since he had no school, but had long left anyway. In any case, post lunch hour, by the time Dad and I did leave the premises we merely went to get edibles from the bakery. As for the remainder of the day, it pretty much continued along quietly until I finally could leave. I left with the old man today, and we were at the mechanic’s for a while before finally getting home, and pretty much loafing it off.

Before I end this entry, lemme discuss some little thing I had in mind. Now, some of you may already know about this, but for those who don’t, well it is no secret that I had been enjoying the current hype with many people online around a children’s animated series called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Yeah, yeah. Maybe some of you might believe I might be crazy or something, but I really am not as obsessed with the show as a lot of people seemingly depict themselves. Besides, unlike many people around I actually always liked the My Little Pony line since I was kid, actually… and yes, I was at the time aware it was targeted at a girly demographic, but what could I do? I really liked the Pony personality things. So what?

So, why am I talking about this right now anyway? Well, for starters, I’ve been checking out certain fanfics based on Friendship Is Magic, and many of them in my opinion really suck! In fact, a lot of them seem to repeat certain themes, and they feel so cliché in literary terms, in addition to the fact that many of these stories are ridiculous, not well-thought-of, and so out of character! Well, not in the context that people are not following the main Ponies’ personality traits accurately, but rather they tend to stereotype them more than make them look more interesting. I only read a few of these fanfics, but that was enough in my mind, actually. The sheer highlight of it all, is that there are no profound epic stories that seem to work with the nature of the show, and yet surpass the great adventure from the first two episodes. The show overall is merely depicts the social aspects of friendship in relation to a peaceful time, but it never really explored how friendship would grow in a more disturbing kind of time, which sounds a lot more human. This is the kind of story that ought to be really inspiring and whatnot. So, what am I saying here? I am thinking maybe it is about time I tried to dabble (or at least thinking about) to delve into the aspects of fanfiction writing for the sort of concept which I would want to see made. I sure hope I can do something that might seem very inspiring indeed, but methinks I have to think of a really good plot at first though. Got nothing in the time being, but I am brainstorming it quite well. We’ll soon see if I shall yield any interesting results.

Before I finally do end this entry, I have one more thing to say: PINKIE PIE RULES!

Fri, 1st Apr. 2011, 23:25
Bothering Anticipation into Stagnation for Chicken

‘Twas another Friday, I suppose, and incidentally a new month too. I was hoping to go to Dubai tonight, but due to Dad’s sheer exhaustion, that never came to be. What a pity indeed. Gosh… there has to be a way to convince him or otherwise.

However, the day wasn’t entirely loaf. We did finally get to go anyway. We did not go to far though, merely landed at a KFC outlet to have our very late lunch. Father initially wanted Pizza Hut, but the outlet we went to prior was utterly crowded. Oh well… in any case. The outlet we ate at was also pretty crowded, but since it was big enough there was enough space, methinks. I personally got me a Mega Arabita combo, which is regionally exclusive product for KFC Middle East, much like the McArabia is to McDonald’s Middle East. So, yeah, that was pretty much it that was interesting for another terrible weekend for me! Blah!

Ah, but before I leave, I want to show you something pretty awesome! Below is a video I linked for a movie trailer to one awesome movie I want to see soon enough. Check it out! It is really epic!

Fri, 4th Mar. 2011, 23:55
Apparent Disturbia of the Casual Kind

Fridays suck, methinks, especially when you cannot move anywhere with anyone at all. I really need to see if I can find any remainder high school friends in this country to hang out with, as my closer friends all left the place! Blah! Smart and lucky! My father also told me he went back to the night club last night apparently for the second night in the row! I went to bed early last night, so he didn’t disturb me about it.

In any case, what much can I do and say about this entry anyway? Seems like a waste in a way of sorts. Meh… I really should try something worthwhile, but I seem to get so caught up in certain video gaming news! What a great timing for the Game Developer’s Conference this year.


I’d like commemorate silvergunner on his twenty-third birthday today!

Thu, 3rd Mar. 2011, 21:55
Third Rocks Become Applicable

I continue this entry from yesterday. So, we dressed up and went out yesterday night all the way to Dubai apparently, to the new downtown near Burj Khalifa, just to end up at one of Dubai’s oldest luxury hotels: The Metropolitan.

We initially ended up in the executive lounge, apparently meeting none other than the Englishman Mr. Walmsley, and some of his colleagues (some familiar Filipinos). So, yeah, we sat there having some drinks and a chat, and waiting for one more person apparently. The others then left the place eventually, and we were left with this new middle-aged Palestinian man. I dunno what they were discussing about, but it certainly had little to do with the business at hand. At that point, that is when we left the executive lounge, and moved over to the open-side of one of the hotel’s bars called The Red Lion. The only reason we moved is for the fact that the older men all wanted to have a smoke, and it wasn’t allowed anywhere inside the in-door hotel premises, like most other places in the U.A.E. anyway. In any case, it is then they started to have more pints of beer before we eventually left the place totally, going with the Palestinian in his car to another place to continue the evening. Initially, there was someplace we were gonna go to, but apparently my father was not the mood for a new place, and preferred to go back to someplace familiar. The Ratsky 2 night club at the Ramada Continental Hotel, of course!

Details of the night’s continuity – plus, some photos!Collapse )


How about today? Well, it was pretty much mostly typical of it. We went to the office in the morn, albeit a little late since my father was kinda exhausted from last night. In any case, we arrived and settled in the same form as always. During lunch hour, Dad and I went to the bakery to get our lunch. Only difference in today is a visit from Mrs. Hourani and her teenage son Adib to see Dad and other stuff/people. Methinks Abid was in a bit of trouble, or so his mother is making it out, just because he’s choosing the wrong friends from school in her opinion. Oh well, that’s motherhood. As for myself, the remainder of the shift remained slow until the shift finally ended, and I got to go home. Looks like I won’t be able to loaf for too long since I am too exhausted for such. Meh…

Wed, 2nd Mar. 2011, 20:18
Indian Elephants Play Cricket Too!

Talk about a slow day, especially when it could bore you to sleep or something. Whatever. Anyway, what was I saying? What about my day today? Um, I’m not sure what I am saying earlier, because it was such a bore that I am getting clueless and forgetful about stuff. Also, I feel like I haven’t done anything significant today to show for it. Listen to me babble random ramblings indeed here, and not really making any sense at all! You know what I mean? I just hate to type to type sometimes, but I gotta say stuff somehow. Oh boy…

Anyway, what about my day anyway? Mostly typical. We went to the office today and stuff, and I settled in my own usual way without anything to do until the lunch hour. During that time, we went to Lu Lu Hypermarket today, got some lunch with blueberry-topped cheesecake on the side. Hoo! For the remainder of the shift time, I continued the day as is, with my father already leaving Jebel Ali-bound. That is, until my shift time ended, and I got to go home expecting loafing time.

However, it seems I wouldn’t get to loaf all night after all. Just as soon as my father a arrived a little later, looks like we’re going out to some kind of dinner tonight. My father did not explain much though. Typical of him. I agreed to go today though, so I dressed up, and will go out in a little bit. I will finish the rest of this story tomorrow since we will be out for a long while. So, yeah…

Before I actually end this entry, I wanna disclose I managed to download this week’s WiiWare demos today: Pong Toss Pro: Frat Party Games and Gods vs. Humans. The latter took me a long while to play apparently, not that it was hard. (The former was much harder) Rather, it was because it came with a very long boring tutorial in the beginning! Hoo!

Tue, 1st Mar. 2011, 23:15
Riff Raff Paff

It was almost a typical day today. We merely went to the office, and settled in our seats as usual, with me not doing so much. We didn’t go anywhere during lunch hour today, but we did hang out in Mr. Geha’s office until lunch arrived to us. McDonald’s take-out, and I had my usual McArabia Chicken meal. For the remainder of the shift time I continued my usual mood of things until it was finally time to go home, where I was able to loaf on my own for a while before Father finally arrived for the rest of the evening.

Mon, 14th Feb. 2011, 23:08
Time Says I Had Grown Too Much

Well, fancy this… I never considered this day to be quite significant before, but maybe it might be… not in real life though (to some extent). Real life is a total bummer for me actually. Nobody appreciates anything they already have any more. It’s all materialistic! It’s unbelievable! What does it matter in the end? Really? It just doesn’t make any more sense than it already does. Of course, in places like Lebanon, the situation is even suckier (is that a word?) as today marks the sixth memorial of the Hariri assassination. I mean, I was there… kinda. It’s pretty much a political agenda, especially what follows merely thirty days from now. In any case, we’ll see soon.

How about my day though? Well, we went to the office this morn as usual. My father dropped me off there, whilst he supposedly went on a business trip to Abu Dhabi. A little later I got a call from my driving instructor that he was taking me out for another double-lesson. We go through familiar territory at first, but we deviated today once again to reach the municipality building to get a particular signature from a police officer. After that, we continued on traffic roads where we end up on the line of the Sharjah-Ajman path, and lo and behold some kind of glorious sight to see: Beached ships!

A wide-angle view of beached trader ships
They’re incredibly really far into the beach sand, and the one of the right even slammed into a bank of heavy rocks!

Not surprising to find them there, for the winds were nasty in the past few days. My driving instructor even wanted to see them for a while longer today, so I had taken some snaps of them myself. Too bad I only had my phone, and not my actual digital camera. So, these are all I got.

Close-up of the trader cruiser
Stupid phone camera zoom. It lowered the resolution of my picture, and so it was taken at a small size. Anyway, this cruiser was the worse-off of the two trader ships.

Close-up of the trader barge
I wonder how the heck this trader barge managed to get its hull completely beached horizontally like so!

So, yeah, after we leave from there, we continue the driving cruise until time was up, and I was returned to the office. A little later, I was expecting to go out on my own during lunch hour, but I got a very unexpected call from my father saying he was returning back very soon actually! Turns out he couldn’t manage to get to Abu Dhabi today, so he went to Jebel Ali instead, and had returned quickly. We then went to the bakery to get lunch instead soon after his arrival. Then the day continued as typicall: Killing the remainder of the shift time until I got to go home and loaf it off this evening. Nothing to be celebrating about, except for Lebanese politics, but that’s only for my father’s agenda in watching the news on TV with the volume WAAAAAY up! Hoo!

Drawing of the Day

My character sitting around with a little, heart cake on the side

I had drawn this quick illustration on SAI. A lonesome character of mine being all grumpy for the day was not in his favour, and there was this little cake he hoped to share. Sigh…


I’d like commemorate katyushak on her twenty-ninth birthday today!

Sun, 13th Feb. 2011, 23:01
'Tis My Jolting Path

Welcome to a new day! Um… I think it’s a new day, but the day is already gone now. Oh well…

This morn we passed by the bank so that I would pull out a bit of moolah for myself since I started back at the stupid extra driving lessons I am legally required to finish off! Anyway, we then reach the office, and very soon after my driving instructor arrives where we he hit the road in familiar territory. We pass by the municipality driving institution to get a new signature card (which is costly, actually), and continue the double-lesson.

I eventually return to the office, and wait until more time is killed before lunch hour. Father and then went to Lifco today for lunch, but Dad got very disappointed with the service today he became absurd about his thoughts now, despite the fact it was not meant to be that way. I don’t want to delve into these details though. Anyhow, we return to the office and continue with the day. Father eventually leaves as usual, and I wait until my shift time ends before I end up home myself soon after the shift time did end. So, yeah, loaf tonight.

Drawing of the Day

Painting of a rocket ship beaming a bright light

I had drawn this quick illustration on SAI. It seemed like a random idea of sorts I issued out so I could try to do a trial of sorts with colouring methods. I dunno if it came out nicely though. What do you guys thing?


I’d like commemorate ddoofy on her twenty-eight birthday today!

Sat, 12th Feb. 2011, 23:59
Back On the Road Again

Oh…! Today seems like some sort of change, but not a new kind of change though. Lemme explain. We go to the office this morn, and settle as usual. A little later, we had finally made a particular call. Prior to today, we had been trying to reach my old driving instructor just so to explain to him about my situation, and my unfair second flunking waaaay back in November. Father really wants to get over with the business of me being to finally legally drive in the U.A.E.! In fact, we started rather immediately, as after we made the call, my instructor finally arrived today only a mere hour later. Looks like we’re starting with stuff immediately indeed! I really did go out at a badly-timed position methinks though, but we went through a familiar territory for a new double-lesson. Mostly familiar anyway, as roads somewhat changed in the last few months. So, yeah, I drove for the first time in months, and I seem to be hanging it as well as I always had. I was a little rusty though, but methinks it is getting back to me now. Cool beans, I guess. I may be able to finish off those stupid nine hours much sooner than I anticipated, but that’s just the beginning if we are not to expect any more of these… twists!

Oh well… after I got back to the office, I kinda missed lunch hour, but it doesn’t matter that much. Father asked me to drive him to Lu Lu Hypermarket, but he was already complaining at my back about how I am riding the road lanes. Blah! It’s not my fault I am not used to driving his giant SUV, which greatly differs from driving a lighter vehicle. In any case, we bought lunch and went back to the office. So, yeah… the remainder of the day was ever the same as before: My father leaves early, and I kill the remainder of the shift time, and then I leave for home for a loafing. Nothing else is in mind for tonight, methinks.

Fri, 11th Feb. 2011, 23:38
The Composite Oreo-istic Day

Friday is Friday, y’know? The thing about Fridays is that I should always expect them to be absolutely nil progress for me as long as I am stranded in my current skin. Unlike my old man, I still have the will to go all around, but that is something which is kinda costly in so many ways, and not just monetary-wise. My life sucks as is, and I cannot help it! Like, darn it, we even skipped lunch altogether today!

In better news, I’m still sick, but today I seem to feel a lot better. My nose isn’t as runny, which is a very good sign.

Thu, 10th Feb. 2011, 23:39
Feed the Dimmies

Pff… it doesn’t really make an illness any better when you know your other housemates are sick as well. It’s not easy on us at all. Father woke up rather late this morn. He was totally exhausted, and I was exhausted too before I even began the day! Blah! We did get to the office, but it was the same old story anyway…

I get seated in my place with not much to do, and then during lunch hour Father and I went to Lu Lu Hypermarket today to get a bit o’ pizza (although we originally wanted to go elsewhere, but Dad changed his mind in the last minute). I spend the remainder of my shift time with nothing else to do, and so in the end I go home and loaf the remainder of Thursday evening with Dad. We were planning on going somewhere before, but unfortunately there had been a slight change in plans. Looks like I’m not gonna have a good time.

Wed, 9th Feb. 2011, 23:40
Bomb Me! Bomb Me! Bomb Me Now!

Having typical days and being sick at the same time is a really, really, really bad combo indeed. I cannot handle any more typical days for the time being, but unfortunately when you go to the office in the morn, seat with virtually nothing to do, go to the bakery during lunch hour with your father, spend the remainder of the shift time until you get to go home, and you only loaf casually for the rest of the evening, then I guess your day was actually typical today, and it sucks!

Only difference I went home with father this time around today.

Tue, 8th Feb. 2011, 23:12
Impudent and Dark

‘Twas mostly a typical day whilst being very sick indeed. Going to the office, and settling in my seat with virtually nothing to do. During lunch hour, Father and I go get something from the bakery, and when we return I was dropped off before he continued on his way to a business meeting of sorts in Abu Dhabi. (Hush-hush) The rest of my shift continues as usual until I got to go home. I had a lot of solo loafing time, but Father then returned earlier than usual. Oh, well.

I got to download this week’s WiiWare demos. Seems releasing two demos may be a standard now. Anyway, they are: Urbanix and LIT. LIT, by the way, may be a little scary, but it seems awesome! I’m thinking of getting the full game eventually.

Mon, 7th Feb. 2011, 22:45
Lost تركيز (Focus)

‘Twas a typical day with added sadness on my part. My mornings are never beautiful for a long time, but sometimes it gets even uglier! Getting a cold is not a funny piece of business of all. I am not sure how I caught my cold, but I suspect my father must have passed on his bit to me! Blah! I haven’t been feeling like it at all this entire day, despite it being so typical.

And as it was typical, I better get on with it already: Gone to the office in the morn, despite my illness. Technically, it’s not so serious, but oh well. Anyway, I settle in my seat as I usually do, and what else? Oh, during lunch hour, we return to the Lifco supermarket/cafeteria for a nice bit o’ real cooked lunch today. Maybe a bit of it would make me feel a little better. It sorta did though, but oh well. I spent the remainder of the day gosh who knows what I was doing. Meh… and finally, I bound for home to loaf on my own for a while before Dad returned.

Oh, who cares! I’m just too sick to do anything else right now… see you later.

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