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Assad C.
17 September 1985
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General: I'm a Lebanese with great drawing capabilites. I'm in college and being a Graphic Design student...
You can say I'm psychologically/legally normal, but that's up to you to decide...

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History in Brief:
Parents gave birth to me in 1985 at a hospital in Dubai, U.A.E.
Parents are both Lebanese and reside/work in Sharjah, U.A.E. - civil war was in Lebanon at that time.
We, as immigrants, cannot take the nationality due to U.A.E. law.
Spent my schooling days in the U.A.E.
Went to Lebanon for the first time, at age four, during summer vacation - there was still a civil war.
Parents gave birth to first sibling in 1990 - brother, Oussama.
Parents gave birth to second (and final) sibling in 1992 - sister, Therese.
I started taking drawing seriously in 1995.
In 1998, I had made a BIG, but secret, decision.
In 1999, we had our own the internet connection.
In 2000, created an obsession with Nintendo video games.
In 2003, graduated from high school.
Also in 2003, entered into Lebanon full time for college tution.
In 2004, I had finished my Freshman Year with flying colours.
Due to my bother's cancer, my mother, brother, and sister now live with me, and my father still resides in the U.A.E.
I still draw.
I still play video games.
I still study.
I currently found a job as an creator and artist at an educational society.
Never found a girlfriend.
I still am sticking to my BIG decision.
This is me history!
(This piece will be a bit more elaborate in the future.)

Here's my personality bit:
I'm a somewhat shy person, that I can't explain much...
I'm at times stubborn and speak without thinking...
I'm quite moody, and sometimes really boring...
I have a limited temper, however, despite the fact I seem REALLY calm...
I'm not a directly fun person, and sometimes serious like a jerk...
I'm what I call myself a 'silent pervert'. I won't go into details...
I'm full of knowledge which is usually somewhat useless to social standards...
I like those chewy type of music...
I'm a really good toon/japanime type artist and comic writer...
I'm obsessed with Nintendo's games, especially those based on their mascots, and mostly Super Mario!
I'm an AWFUL debater, and quite forgetful to the small things...
I fear causing mistakes in real-life public, hence the shyness...
I'm definitely tongue-twisted sometimes...
I'm quite religious, at least I can be...
I greatly despise any practices of homosexual behaviour and atheistic beliefs, although I do NOT really hate the people who carry practice them, especially when some those people are cool...
(Actually, I never did "hate" people, and I never will "hate" anyone. I may "dislike" some people, but I don't and never "hate" people! In my belief, hatred towards any person is impure to one's soul and mind - it fills it with ideas of hatred towards life itself!)
I'm not a 'quick-and-confirming deciding' kind of guy...
I'm sometimes a real clutz, a clumsy fool...
I never had a real love life, but once I do, I'll inform you about it here...
I never did profanity --- EVER!!
You could also say that I'm 'deprived' towards most of my wants, but I'm not in any way deprived off my needs...
My parents try give me a 'good' example...
They still do...
I'm childish sometimes - REALLY childish...

However, despite all this, under this wretched hide lurks a really nice, rational, political type of person, with lots good moralities and intentions...

Thus, I'm just another good guy who is making it out into the world...

I come from a great family as well (family should not be forgotten) - my parents have some really good years, and a couple of siblings (a brother and sister) which I'm (sometimes) proud of...

Current Status: Graphic Design student, connected with internet on almost daily basis, still drawing for personal pleasure, no major problems whatsoever.

Note: Despite this long writing, I find my Info page really under-developed and very bland as well. If I get in the mood, I will be updating this page from time to time. As a sign that I'm fully satisfied - this note will disappear!

My Live Journal Communities: The Lylat System Station - lylat_station: A Community for Nintendo's StarFox Series.

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